Diggin' Deep, Monkey Loft, November 2017

Diggin' Deep, Monkey Loft, November 2017

Doin' this house thing since '01. Many parties, some mix-tapes and a few releases...

Gratitude to the Seattle family: Ramiro Gutierrez and everyone at Uniting SoulsSky Ortiz at SkyCubeMediaJon Lemmon and Viva RecordingsJason Zucker and the Innerflight Music crew, Pappa-TJohnny FiascoMichi Shimada, Brian Lyons and team FlammablePhil Rogers for keeping the dream of the 90’s alive; all the artists, musicians and DJ's who keep me inspired and whose tunes I love to play; and everyone I’ve connected with over the last 15 years that shares a passion for quality house music. 

See you on the dance-floor! ❤️



Photo courtesy of Andi Dean Photography